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If you have been injured in a construction accident or if you have lost a loved one to a construction accident you know how the bills can pile up and with that lost income that mountain of bills can seem as treacherous as Mount Everest. Luckily you can get cash structured settlement to help with those endless bills. A Structured Settlement can give you the financial support you thought was lost forever because of your debilitating injury.

New York City experienced a sequence of deadly construction and construction scaffolding related accidents last year. The city announced that it is teaming up with the federal government, OSHA and contractor's and hardhat unions to help keep construction workers safe and to urge three strikes and out policy for safety violations. After an unparalleled 29 construction related deaths in one year, contractors and hardhat union leaders were quick to join forces with City Council Members to call for passage of a tough new three strikes and you’re out legislation that would ban repeat offenders from obtaining building permits for five years in New York This new penalty system is part of a comprehensive set of construction industry reforms that aim to strengthen construction safety laws in an effort to protect the public and New York City construction workers from unsafe contractors or working conditions.

Get cash structured settlement if you have been injured in a construction accident! Contact a New York construction accident structured settlement expert today that will work with you to craft a solution tailored for you and help you get cash structured settlement for your pain & suffering!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg will allocate $6 million to regulate the industry and increase training and communication for workers and contractors. The U.S Occupational Safety and Health Administration will help regulate and oversee the project. OSHA will administer fines and/or suspensions to violators as it supervises the industry to make sure the rules are being followed. Officials for the mayor’s office said the partnership with OSHA is needed to protect the city’s construction workers now that the city is experiencing a construction boom.

The key reforms of the three strikes penalty system legislation are:

  • Contractors found in violation of building codes when working without the required permits/licenses, Strike 1; will mandate a 10-day stop-work order for a first offense, Strike 2; a 90-day stop-work order for second offense, and Strike 3; a ban on all future permits for five years upon the third offense.
  • The creation of the Buildings Department' Safety and Responsibility Board to issue an annual report card to the City Council with the names of contractors and owners who have been sighted with stop-work orders as a result of violations.
  • An amendment of the Site Safety Law requiring the filing of all licenses and site safety plans on new construction and excavation on any project six to 14 stories and requiring a 20-hour site safety certification and filing of a site safety plan on new construction and excavation below six stories.
  • Permits for new construction will only be awarded to contractors affiliated with NYS apprentice programs.
  • Requirement of all city contractors show proof of general liability, Workmen's Compensation Disability and health care insurance to be issued a building permit.
  • Funding for a 25-member Special Enforcement Unit responsible for making unannounced job-site inspections to ensure that ongoing work is being done in accordance with building codes and safety requirements and with all proper permits.

City Council Member, chair of the housing and buildings committee and sponsor of the safety legislation, Erik Martin Dilan said, "By toughening penalties for rogue contractors, this important legislation will serve to protect not only construction workers, who have been increasingly risking their lives, but also it will protect the general public from unsafe construction sites." He added, "It is shocking to me that 75% of the deaths from construction accidents were from the Latino and minority community with most of the deaths occurring among those whom English was not the primary language. I intend to work this summer with leaders from both the contractor and labor side to draft this legislation so we can hold hearings on the subject this fall."

Department of Buildings Commissioner, Patricia Lancaster, had this to say, "Construction safety is a top priority for the Buildings Department. We've been working hard to put safety front and center in the Building Code that will soon be proposed to the City Council, and we look forward to a continued partnership with industry and Council leaders to ensure the safety of the general public and the workers involved on construction projects."

If you have been injured in a construction accident and have suffered lost wages and face staggering medical bills you could be entitled to a structured settlement. A structured settlement is an ingenious method of compensating injury victims by way of a voluntary agreement between the injury victim and the defendant. The injury victim doesn't receive compensation for his/her injuries in one lump sum. Rather, he/she receives tax-free payments customized to meet future medical expenses and basic living needs. A long-term structured settlement offers the security of guaranteed long-term income and offers the victim and the victim's family the ability to recover without spending time or resources determining how to pay the medical and every day bills that pile up after an accident.

Get cash structured settlement if you have been injured in a construction accident! Contact a New York construction accident structured settlement expert today that will work with you to craft a solution tailored for you and help you get cash structured settlement for your pain & suffering!

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