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Tougher Laws Passed due to Fatal Crane Accidents

The Governor of New York has recently signed a law that will increase the criminal and civil penalties for inspectors of cranes used for construction who falsify the reports.  Stiffer punishments are also enforced with these new laws for anyone who tries to bribe the crane inspectors or interfere with their work.

This new crane safety bill was passed after 2 cranes collapsed in New York City, killing a total of 9 people.  In May 2008, a 200 foot crane located on top of a highrise collapsed and fell 30 stories to the ground.  2 people were killed and one was seriously injured.  In addition, a large portion of the building was destroyed.

In March, 7 people were killed because of a crane collapse.  A city inspector was said to have lied about inspecting the crane in the weeks before the collapse, and he was arrested for falsifying the reports.

In June, James Delayo, the city's cheif crane inspector, was arrested due to accepting bribes to allow cranes to pass inspections.  He is also being accused of taking money from a crane company that ensured that its employees would pass the licensing exam necessary to operate a crane.

The new law will require the permanent revocation of licensing of any inspector found to have falsified inspection reports.  Civil penalties could include fees ranging from $1000 to $5000 per violation.

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