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Big Dig Company Pleads Guilty

Modern Continental Corporation has pleaded guilty to 39 federal charges of overbilling and lying about construction defects on a project at the Big Dig they were working on. Modern Continental has been in the news prior to this guilty plea when the Interstate 90 tunnel collapsed and killed a motorist in the state of Massachusetts. Five other charges were dropped by officials that originally implicated the company in the accident on Interstate 90 that occurred in 2006. The lawyers for Modern Continental claim that the epoxy supplied by a New York construction company was the result of the accident that claimed the life of Milena Del Valle back in 2006. They claim that the New York construction company supplied the wrong epoxy for ceiling panels and the accident didn’t happen because of poor workmanship by the staff at Modern Continental.

Modern Continental faces over $19 million in fines imposed by the law in this case as well as a $28 million wrongful death lawsuit paid to Del Valle’s family following her death. The company from New York, Powers Fasteners Inc., agreed to pay $16 million to the state of Massachusetts and the city of Boston following the accident. Powers Fasteners Inc. faced manslaughter charges for causing the death of Del Valle but since the company agreed to pay $16 million in fines the state prosecutor dropped the manslaughter charges. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of a construction accident or a construction worker’s negligence contact the law firm of Kleinick Law for expert legal counsel regarding your case today. 

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