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Police Caution Drivers: Watch for Road Crews

The springtime is when many road construction crews begin to work on the roadways across the state of New York and police and other officials are encouraging motorists to slow down when driving through construction zones. Trooper Craig Sicina hears nothing but excuses when he pulls over motorists for speeding through construction work zones in the state of New York. One of the most popular excuses he hears from pulled over motorists is “I didn’t know it was a work zone or that the speed was 35.” Sicina is assigned to a special troop of troopers that solely patrol construction work zones on the roadways to slow down motorists traveling through those zones.

Construction work zones along roadways mean that the construction workers are only a few feet from the moving traffic. This means that when a motorist takes a glance at the radio, fumbles for a CD, or fools around on their cell phone that an accident can occur when the driver glances away from the roadway for a split second while driving through a construction work zone. This can result in severe injuries or even result in death if an accident occurs. The state police officials in New York claim that speeding and aggressive drivers are the main causes of construction work zones accidents, intrusions, and tickets. "Road construction and maintenance are very dangerous jobs," said Jack Williams, director of DOT's Region 9, which includes all Southern Tier counties. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a construction accident in the state of New York contact the law firm of Kleinick Law for expert legal counsel regarding your case today.

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