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A New York City Toxic Tort Attorney at Kleinick Law will have the experience necessary to help you with your case involving chemical exposure at work. We represent injured construction workers who are exposed to toxic chemical substances throughout New York City (NYC), Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, and surrounding areas.

Tort refers to that body of the law which will allow an injured person to obtain compensation from the person who caused the injury. Every person is expected to conduct themselves without injuring others. When they do so, either intentionally or by negligence, they can be required by a court to pay money to the injured party ("damages") so that, ultimately, they will suffer the pain cause by their action.

If you or someone you know has been injured from chemical exposure on a construction site, contact a New York City Toxic Tort Attorney at Kleinick Law today!

A toxic tort claim is a tort caused by exposure to a toxic chemical substance. Exposure to chemical substances that are toxic or harmful to the body can happen anywhere. At home, in the office, outside, in schools, or in commercial or industrial construction sites, exposure to certain chemicals that have proven to be toxic may be hazardous to your or your children's health.

An important thing to know when exposed to toxic chemicals is how the chemical entered the body, commonly known as the route of exposure. Certain chemicals appear to be more toxic if entered through a specific route. The dose is a measurement of how much chemical has entered the body. If exposed with a minor dose but over an extended duration of time, the harmful effects may have caused more serious damage than if exposed with the same amount of chemical over a shorter period of time.

Typical ways you may be exposed to toxic chemicals:

  • Inhalation - breathing in toxic substance
  • Ingestion - swallowing toxic substance
  • Skin Contact - touching or touched by toxic substance
  • Eye Contact - ocular exposure to toxic substance
  • Open Sore Contact - touching or touched in open sore area by toxic substance

The toxicity of a substance is its ability to cause harmful effects. Construction workers deal with many substances that have high toxicity rates. Whether the chemical substance is asbestos, lead, mercury, or chlorinated hydrocarbons construction laborers handle equipment and work in commercial and industrial sites where these chemicals are prevalent.

The following are different forms by which a toxic chemical may take:

  • Gas
  • Liquid
  • Solid
  • Fume
  • Vapor
  • Dust
  • Fiber
  • Mist

At Kleinick Law, our New York City Toxic Tort Attorneys will use their years of experience in handling construction and toxic exposure accident cases to investigate every possible factor that would cause your accident, and to ensure that you will receive full compensation for your injuries.

If you or someone you know has been injured from chemical exposure on a construction site, contact a New York City Toxic Tort Attorney at Kleinick Law and fill out a free case evaluation form today! Your initial consultation is FREE! "If we don't win, you don't pay!"

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New York Toxic Tort Lawyers specializing in toxic tort litigation involved in construction or industrial sites. We represent construction workers who are injured due to toxic chemical substance exposure throughout New York City (NYC), Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and the surrounding areas.

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